A product of IIT, Mumbai, Arun Netravali is the President of the Bell Laboratories, the research and development arm of the Lucent Technologies and a premier high-tech lab in the world. The Bell Labs which celebrates its 75th anniversary and currently has over 25,000 employees located in 20 countries and a budget of almost $4 billion. The Bell Labs has so far produced 27,000 patents (on an average of 4 patents a day) and nine Nobel laureates.

Speaking at the inaugural session of the Technology Innovation and Impact Summit, jointly organized by the CII and Lucent Technologies on 8 June 8 2000 Arun Netravali gazed into the crystal ball to divine seven predictions for the networked future:

- Reported by Saikat Chatterjee in Business Times, The Times of India, New Delhi. Friday, June 9, 2000.


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