The International Centre for Scientific and
Technical Information (ICSTI)

ICSTI, located at Moscow, involves 16 member countries and provides information services to its members for the progress of science, technology and economy.

Any organization sharing the aims and tasks of ICSTI may participate in the works of ICSTI and have joint projects with it.

Till late 1980's, despite its international character, the Centre had rather a closed structure, limited in its contact and work, not only by the level of its member countries, but also by the small number of organizations within them.

The new services introduced by the Centre during the past decade are as follows.

For a number of years, the Centre has been participating in two exhibitions dedicated to information products and technologies: INFOBASE (Frankfurt) from 1989, and On-Line (London) from 1993. The Centre's partners from the member countries also participate in such events as part of the Centre's exhibition.

At present, the Centre is trying to broaden and introduce new forms of cooperation with private sector from both member and non-member countries.

Address: 21 B Kuusinen Street, Moscow 125252, Russia.
Tel. 007 095 1987121
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— Source: Science & Technology in Russia
comp. & ed. by Dr. Hari Mohan Saxena
Counsellor (Science and Technology)
Embassy of India, 6-8 Ul. Vorontsovo Polye
Moscow - 103064, Russia

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