Information Today & Tomorrow
ISSN 0971-7102

Vol. 20  No. 3   September 2001

Editorial Committee 

Dr. A. Lahiri 
Adviser (NISSAT
Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR)
New Delhi-110 016 

Ms. S. Ravindran 
DSIR, New Delhi-110 016 

Mr. B.G. Sunder Singh 
DSIR, New Delhi-110 016 

Ms. Kamini S. Mishra 
DSIR, New Delhi-110 016 

Mr. B.N. Sarkar 
DSIR, New Delhi-110 016 

Mr. Vimal Kumar Varun 
DSIR, New Delhi-110 016 

Mr. S. Subba Rao
Central Leather Research Institute

Editor: Prof. BK Sen

Editorial Office: 80, Shivalik Apartments, Alaknanda,
New Delhi-110 019

Telefax: +91 11 6516078

2001 DSIR, New Delhi.

Cover Design: Sumedha Shivnani, New Delhi.


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Published by the National Information System for Science & Technology (NISSAT), Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India, Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110 016.

INFORMATION TODAY & TOMORROW, published quarterly, is the official organ of NISSAT and aims at disseminating information concerning its programmes, activities and achievements as also of the various centres functioning under NISSAT. Additionally, it attempts to project major developments in the field of information science at the national and international levels.

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