Cover page: The new cover for the ITT is a computer generated composition in fractal art. A fractal image is a geometrical representation of the solution to an equation wherein the colour of a point in the plane is governed by the number of iterations it take to reach a suitable approximation. To the casual observer, the color of their essential structures, their beauty and geometric form captivate the visual senses as few other things in Mathematics have done. For a person versed in basic topology, a fractal is a set whose Hausdroff dimension is not an integer. To the computer scientist, fractals and chaos offer a rich environment to explore and build a new visual world. Fractals have managed to bring mathematics out of the realm of ancient history into the twenty first century.

The thought underlying the composition is the insatiable hunger of the human mind for information which is represented by the fractal flames. The hourglass symbolizes time that oversees information today and tomorrow.

For some of the more technically minded readers of ITT, the flames are a single pass generation of the Lyapunov fractal family in the space enclosed by the corners 3.5/3.2/4.0/3.6/3.2/3.6. The parameters used are 60/0.5 with the maximum number of iterations set at 15.