Info-Quiz 2000*

A. Fill in the blanks.

1. First Internet network in India is __________________

2. Web server uses the ____________________ protocol

3. The URL of ISSN website is _____________________

4. PEAK project has been initiated by ________________

5. Yahoo India web site address is __________________

B. Multiple choice Questions.

1. What is the TCP/IP packet size

a. 512 bytes

b. 256 bytes

c. No fixed size

d. Alternate sizes of 256 and 512 bytes

2. For handling E-Mail over the Internet, PC-based E-Mail clients like MS Outlook and Eudora require access to?

a. SMTP/POP3 Server

b. Web Server

c. DNS Server

d. None of the above

3. What are the two methods by which an HTML Form can Pass arguments to a CGI Program?

a. GET and PUT

b. GET and POST


d. POST and PUT

4. What is the maximum number of colours a GIF image can take?

a. 64 million

b. 256

c. 16

d. 128

5. A file automatically included at the end of an email giving the writer's name and other information is called a

a. paste-in

b. PDA file

c. address file

d. signature file

6. The top-level domain with the highest degree of "offical" status is

a. .net

b. .com

c. .org

d. .gov

7. Which one of the following is correct?

a. <A HREF="feedback.htm"></A>

b. <A>HREF="feedback.html>Feedback</A>

c. <A HREF="feedback.html">Feedback</A>

d. <A SRC="feedback.html">Feedback</A>

8. What is XMETAL?

a. Name of a music group

b. A programming Language

c. Web Server Software

d. SGML/XML authoring tool

9. What is PHP?

a. A server side scripting language

b. Imaging tool

c. OCR package

d. None of these

10. Bar code systems in automated circulation systems use which of the following technologes?

a. Pattern recognition

b. Magnetic inc

c. Digital signatures

d. None of the above

11. Which of the following is a server side scripting language?

a. Java script

b. Perl

c. ASP

d. None of these

12. Which of the following is not a database package?

a. Oracle

b. MS Access

c. Excel


13. Which of the following programming languages can be used to write additional applications to CDS/ISIS databases?

a. C


c. Pascal

d. Java

14. Which of the following enhances retrieval precision?

a. Limiting search to the document title

b. Using classification codes

c. Right truncation of search terms

d. None of these

15. Which of the following enchances retrieval recall?

a. Boolean And

b. Boolean OR

c. Boolean Not

d. Term phrases

16. Which is the correct Boolean search expression for the query "use of online or CD-ROM or Internet technologies in college libraries or University libraries" (online-1,cd-rom-2,Internet technologies-3,college libraries-4, university libraries-5)

a. (1 and 2 and 3) or (4 and 5)

b. (1 or 2 or 3) and (4 or 5)

c. (1 and 2 and 3) and (4 or 5)

d. (1 or 2 or 3) or (4 and 5)

17. If 10 bits make one byte, how many characters can he transmitted in one minutes on a 56KBPS modem?

a. Above 500 KB

b. Above 400 KB

c. Above 300 KB

d. Less than 200 KB

18. An information system retrived 100 documents for a query. Out of this the user found 48 relevant. The information system failed to retrieve another 32 relevant documents. What is the Precision and Recall?

a. 48%, 60%

b. 48%, 32%

c. 32%, 48%

d. None of these

19. Which IP number is used during dial up internet acess using an ISP like VSNL

a. IP number originally assigned to the PC

b. IP number originally assigned dynamically by browser

c. IP number assigned by the network card

d. IP number assigned dynamically bythe ISP

20. A proxy server is used for which of the one

a. Controlling server is used for which of the two

b. Share Internet link

c. Setting up a Virtual server address

d. setting up a web site

21. Netscape browser recieves a web page, containing text and large images, from remote web site. The page uses `width' and `height' attributes for the images. Now, how does Netscape handle the display?

a. Load text first and wait for the images to arrive

b. Load both simultaneously

c. Load images first and then text

d. None of these happen

22. What are `Swish' and `HtDig'?

a. Web server software


c. Web browsers

d. Web site indexing tools

23. Which of the following file extensions are associated with movie formats ?

a. AVI

b. MOV

c. PDF

d. PNG

24. Which of the following is the most accurate definition of the Internet?

a. A nation-wide network of computer networks

b. A huge web site

c. A world-wide network of computer networks

d. An email program

25. Catchword is

a. An e-journal aggregator service

b. Journal publisher

c. Crossword puzzle

d. Search software vendor

C. Match the following

Group A

a. Link 1. Elsevier

b. Science Direct 2. Bell & Howell Information Limited

c. IDEAL 3. Springer Verlag

d. ProQuest 4. Document Delivery

e. Aerial 5. Academic Press

Group B

a. Highwire Press 1. Faxon / Dawson

b. InfoQuest 2. Thesaurus

c. SHE 3. Standard University Libraries

d. SLIM 4. OCR

e. TextBridge 5. Library Automation Package

Group C

a. J-Gate 1. Search Program

b. SPIRS 2. Full text format

c. Apache 3. Web Server

d. Real Page 4. Institute of Scientific Information

e. Current Contents Connect 5. e-journal service

Group D
a. Standards 1. Link to full text

b. Internet Database Service 2. Information Handling Services

c. SilverLinker 3. e-journal aggregator

d. Sci Finder 4. Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

e. Ingenta 5. Chemical Abstracts

* Organized by Informatics (India) Ltd., Bangalore during ITT 2000 held at National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore during November 22-24, 2000

Information Today & Tomorrow, Vol. 19, No. 4, December 2000, p.16-p.17